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  • BG1000
  • BG1000


ZKTeco BG1000 series barrier gates adopt ZKTeco interactive LED chassis design, programmable control panel, and adopt high-efficiency Brushless DC motor and ZKTeco SCM421 material gear transmission structure. It has the advantages of fast speed, stable quality, rich function expansion, and so on. It is a better comprehensive performance barrier gate.



· The fastest operating speed is 1.5s, and the speed can be adjusted according to different boom arm length

· Reversible boom arm direction, compact and straightforward transmission mechanism, easy to install on-site

· Interactive chassis with LED indicator

· Digital control monitoring, delay automatic close, automatic test, rise/fall status display output

· Automatically turning off settings; allowing manual raising of the gate arm; anti-smashing; equipped with fire protection linkage functions; highly secure

· Users could adjust the position and the angle of rising/falling; there is a digital encoder automatically and accurately controlling the position

· 24V backup battery, ensuring normal operation when power is unexpectedly disconnected

· The chassis exterior uses a 2mm metal plate, electrophoresis, and powder coding

· The gate arm will move to the original position when it detected something blocked it


Model BG1030L/R BG1045L/R BG1060L/R
Operating Speed 1.5s 3s 5s
Boom Arm Length 3m 4.5m 6m
Boom Arm Type Telescopic straight boom arm
Chassis Dimension 350*300*1020mm
Ingress Protection Level IP54
Motor Type 24V brushless DC electric motor
Output Power 120W
Rated Current 6A
Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz (default); AC 110V, 60Hz (optional)
Operating Temperature -35°C to 70°C
Operating Humidity <90%
Motor MCBF 3 million times
Remote Control Distance ≥30m
Chassis Weight 45kg


ZKTeco BG1000_Data Sheet

4.83 MB


ZKTeco BG1000_Data Sheet

BG1000 Series Barrier Gate User Manual

3.04 MB


BG1000 Series Barrier Gate User Manual