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Industry Description

Industry Description

ZKBioSecurity Education Solution (High School and University)

- Student and Teacher Time Attendance Management
- Control the Order of the Attendance for Teachers and Students
- Show the Subject Name, Teacher Name etc. Info on the T&A Terminal Screen
- Real time Student Position, People Counting and Route Tracker inside the School
- Seamless Integration with Schedule of School’s Existing System
- User friendly interface
- BioHA 24 Hours high availability solution

Student Attendance Record

ZKBioSecurity is designed to provide students a time attendance that records their attendance within the school area, just simply punch in the time attendance, the clock-in will be recorded.

Teacher and Student Attendance Record
ZKBioSecurity provides a formula of prioritization for teachers and students for attendance recording. Teachers are required to stand in front of screen and be matched with saved templates in school database before students' attendance taking. Otherwise, students' attendance will not be recorded.

Real Time Dashboard

ZKBioSecurity allows you to quickly find the number of students within the area promptly. The number of students is indicated on E-map, and the number also shows how many students have come in through the library entry gates.

Route Tracker

Route Tracker is a GPS module for tracking/ loading routes in Biosecurity that gives you a real-time response on your location. The GPS route tracking module can also display tracks also from the past. You can easily search for routes from the past and analyse it.

Personnel Management

ZKBioSecurity is able to to manage, review, and edit personnel’s basic information, position information, contact, and academic background etc.; it is convenient for managing staffs to easily make use of personnel’s information and save the manpower for manual review of print materials.

API/ AD integrate with System of Secondary School and University
ZKBioSecurity can be integrated with the school and university system, which permits companies to develop custom applications that connect directly with your school’s software, therefore you can add features or do any improvment upon school management processes and you will have an opportunity to integrate to a custom software application that is specialized for your needs.

View Classroom Camera (Real Time Monitoring)
ZKBioSecurity includes the video surveillance function, takes real-time monitoring to all of the classroom. It allows you to view multiple cameras simultaneously, view recorded images, search through archived footage, play back events, and much more. Remote video surveillance is perfect for users who are often off-site, and therefore not able to be on the local computer system where their IP cameras are connected.

ZKTeco BioHA

Real-time Data Mirroring Cluster High Availability (HA) Solution

The BioHA monitors and protects server’s IP, applications and data I/O via HA technology. When application or server encounter failure, BioHA will automatically quickly switch to the standby server, to guarantee continuous running of application and service. BioHA is fully integrated with ZKTeco server base applications: BioSecurity / BioTime to give you the more reliable to secure your system.

User Friendly Interface
The user interface of ZKBioSecurity is user-friendly, the use of eective and simple user interface design will be immense help in achieving the objective and flexible as per the requirement of users.

Output point
With Global I/O, Output point allows administrators to configure linkages where various events can be linked to any other input/ output/ events in the system. These linkages can be activated by various events with different access level, invalid card, unrecognized finger-print read and motion detection might trigger such outputs (Alarm, IP Camera...etc).

Video Linkage
Photo Capture and Pop-up video warm administrators when exceptional events take place. Video could include footage before the events happened. Video length could be up to 180 seconds.

Active Time
Administrator can set an active time for the linkage by pre-dened time zones or date range.

Email Notification

Email notification allows an operator to send a message via email automatically whenever a specific triggering occurs.

Linkage Voice Prompts
Voice linkage will announce a series of of warning messages which are accompanied by siren sounds. These linkage the announcements will be caused by particular action.