Armatura Offers Advanced Security for Indonesia

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Jakarta on 6th June 2023 – Armatura has officially launched its access control solutions in the Indonesian market, recognizing the increasing importance of the use of advanced security systems in Indonesia.

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With the emerging trend of various high-level biometrics security systems available on the market, Armatura, a leading provider of hardware, software, and multi-modal biometric platforms, has unveiled its access control solutions in Indonesia, offers the most advanced technology, including biometric technology enhanced with artificial intelligence and mobile credentials solutions.

With the use of biometric technology refined with AI, Armatura access control solutions provide a strong security layer and extra accuracy, making access control more secure. Moreover, RFID multi-tech technology offers additional flexibility, allowing customers to choose the best technology that suits their needs.

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The launch of Armatura's access control solutions demonstrates the company's commitment to delivering high-quality innovative solutions to customers in Indonesia, which is an important and promising market to the company. Indonesia is a market with strong economic growth, especially in the field of new technology, new economy, and manufacturing. With a growth merchandise value (GMV) of 22%, Indonesia's digital economy reached a value of $77 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $130 billion in 2025, the highest in Southeast Asia. The impending move of the capital to Kalimantan will also encourage further economic growth, making Indonesia a market with great potential for investment and growth opportunities. “With advanced technologies and comprehensive systems, Armatura is in the right position to meet the needs of access control of various industries and sectors in Indonesia.” Said Raymond so, Marketing Director of Armatura.


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PT Harrisma Informatika Jaya, which has been developing IT businesses in Indonesia since 1986, has been appointed as the sole distributor of Armatura Access Control Solutions. With an extensive distribution network and strong after-sales service, PT Harrisma Informatika Jaya will drive Armatura Access Control Solutions to reach various commercial and public sectors in Indonesia, including financial institutions, law enforcement, public transportation, health institutions, retail store networks and more.

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