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  • TBM01 / 02
    TBM01 / 02New
    TBM01 / 02Popular
    TBM01 / 02

    ZKTeco develops TBM01/02 ticket dispenser which supports microwave radar system, offers an efficient  contact-less ticketing system. TBM01/02 has various verification methods, including open bar-code  scanning reader and card swiping. This ticket box helps avoiding cross infected during the pandemic.  

    Moreover, TBM01/02 ticket box contactless ticketing function works best for temporary parking,  regular-parking induction card and motor-cycle lanes. With thermal TBM01/02 ticket box is widely used  in supermarkets, communities, government buildings and other places.

  • ZKBarrier-APP
    ZKBarrier APPNew
    ZKBarrier APPPopular
    ZKBarrier APP

    Effortless parking management 

    • Connect maximum 5 mobile phones to control each   parking barrier

    • Detect the opening/closing status

    Quick Configuration on site

    • Configure the boom length, based on the actual  installation on site 

    • Adjustable opening and closing speed based on the length of the boom 

    • Adjustable opening and closing angles of the boom based on the   limitations of the on-site environment

  • VR10Pro
    VR10 ProNew
    VR10 ProPopular
    VR10 Pro

    VR10 Pro is the second generation of ZKTeco radars developed to detect and identify various vehicles (motorcycles,  cars, trucks, etc.) and pedestrians near the barrier gate.

  • LPRS2000

    LPRS2000 is a hybrid identification vehicle management terminal that adopts multiple recognition modes for long-range RFID and license plate recognition. And compare to the traditional license plate recognition product, it combines the latest developed high-performance UHF reader to ensure that the capture rate and recognition accuracy of fixed vehicles are up to 100%.

  • ZKTecoParking

    ZKTecoParking is a client/server architecture parking lot management software self-developed by ZKTeco. ZKTecoParking contains six functional modules: system management, personnel management, authorization management, financial management, terminal management and report management. With a user-friendly UI and complete parking lot management function, ZKTecoParking provides the most professional solution for a simple and convenient user experience.

  • U1000&U2000
    U1000 and U2000 are long distance RFID access control machines which integrate functions of UHF readers and controllers. Compared with UHF readers, they increase access control functions and support TCP/IP communication, Wiegand in/out, two relays, 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, which enable easy installation and convenient use. The machines also support ZKAccess 3.5 and ZKBioSecurity 3.0 software. They have obtained IP66 protection level certification and is suitable for outdoor use. With outstanding long distance identification capability, the machines can be used in many applications including long distance fixed vehicle access management, long distance access control management and long distance pedestrian access management.
  • UHF5 Pro & UHF10
    UHF5 Pro & UHF10 ProNew
    UHF5 Pro & UHF10 ProPopular
    UHF5 Pro & UHF10 Pro
    UHF5 Pro and UHF10 Pro are ZKTeco's third-generation UHF readers, with much stable performance, longer reading distance, and faster recognition speed. The UHF reader is equipped with the passive UHF card function, which could be widely used in Vehicle Management and Personnel Management applications. The product also meets the CE, FCC technology requirements. Features · Support two working modes: Trigger to Read & Always Read (Default) · Support different wiegand data output (Wiegand 26 by default) · LED at the bottom of readers indicating the reading status (7-color indicators: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, white) · Multiple communication modes, supporting Wiegand and RS485 · Protection level of IP66
  • Plock 1
    Plock 1New
    Plock 1Popular
    Plock 1

    Plock 1 is ZKTeco’s second generation of parking locks. Plock 2 keeps all original features of Plock 1 and is equipped with new auto-sensing function. User can easily manage his/her parking space by placing a sensor in a cigarette lighter receptacle. Compared with traditional parking locks, Plock 2 does not need any manual operation, which makes parking experiences more ideal. It is a competent private parking manager.

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