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  • ZKBioSecurity-V5000-4.1.0
    ZKBioSecurity V5000 4.1.3(Discontinued on March 31st,replaced by ZKBio CVSecurity)New
    ZKBioSecurity V5000 4.1.3(Discontinued on March 31st,replaced by ZKBio CVSecurity)Popular
    ZKBioSecurity V5000 4.1.3(Discontinued on March 31st,replaced by ZKBio CVSecurity)

    Based on the hybrid biometric technology and computer vision technology, ZKBioSecurity V5000 provides a comprehensive web-based security platform. It contains multiple integrated modules: personnel, time & attendance, access control, visitor management, oine & online consumption management, guard patrol, parking, elevator control, entrance control, Facekiosk, intelligent video management, mask and temperature detection module, and other smart sub-systems.

  • ZKBio-SIS
    ZKBio SISNew
    ZKBio SISPopular
    ZKBio SIS

    ZKBioSecurity is an All-in-One Web-Based platform developed by ZKTeco. With multiple modules in one system, the platform offers the ultimate convenience of integration. The system enables users to easily manage, remote control and monitor devices, generate multiple reports at once, and grant permissions, among others. It is also compatible with numerous X-ray inspection devices and walk-through metal detectors (WTMD) of ZKTeco and its 3rd-parties. ZKBio SIS is an integrated security management software developed based on ZKBioSecurity. The software integrates security doors, x-ray baggage scanners, liquid detectors, explosive detectors, and vehicle bottom scanners. Also, clients can manage and control all security devices online on ZKBio SIS, which is convenient and efficient.

  • ZKBioSecurity-ConSite
    ZKBioSecurity ConSiteNew
    ZKBioSecurity ConSitePopular
    ZKBioSecurity ConSite

    ZKBioSecurity Construction Site Management Solution takes the B/S architecture as framework and based on the development of mainstream ZKBioSecurity, which is a comprehensive system of digitalization, network, security and cross industry applications. It is integrated with ZKBioSecurity biometrics identification and access system, this solution has the newly added worker management module and advanced access management module. It can effectively manage registered workers from different company,monitor all workers' attendance and access control details in real time, which truly demonstrates the intelligent management of construction site security and workers.

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