ZKTeco Receives Technology Innovation Award at Security Award Korea and Selected in 2023 Global SECURITY TOP 100 Companies

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ZKTeco, a globally leading provider of security products and solutions, with a focus on biometric technology, was awarded the 'Technological Innovation Award' in the physical security category at the Security Awards Korea 2023 ceremony on the 26th December 2023, highlighting its exceptional contributions to the Korean security industry. Also, ZKTeco has been selected as one of the 2023 Global SECURITY TOP 100 companies by BOANEWS and SecurityWorld Magazine.

The esteemed ceremony, attended by distinguished guests including the Korean Minister of SMEs and Startups, and the Chairman of the Korea Security Association, showcased ZKTeco's commitment to advancing the field of security through its innovative solutions and unwavering dedication. Since its establishment of the Korean branch in 2019, ZKTeco has shown remarkable growth, and has been widely recognized by the authorities in the industry. ZKTeco was selected as one of the top three global security companies in the "Entry System Product" category by A&S Magazine in 2020 and ranked 13th in the "Top 50 Global Security 2021" list. It has also received A&S Reader Choice awards in the "Access Control Management Software" and "Mobile Access Solution" categories.

By offering a wide range of products that leverage various biometric technologies, including fingerprint, facial recognition, palm vein, and iris recognition, ZKTeco’s versatility enables customers to selectively adopt different products according to their needs. The company is particularly popular in Korea for its palm vein and palmprint recognition products, and it provides integrated security platform software that is unique in the market.


The Technology Innovation Award is a testament to ZKTeco's continued drive for excellence and ground-breaking advancements in the security sector. The company's cutting-edge technologies, including biometric access control, time attendance systems, and surveillance solutions, have set new industry standards and have been widely recognized for their effectiveness, reliability, and user-friendly interfaces.


Furthermore, ZKTeco's inclusion in the Global SECURITY TOP 100 companies further solidifies its position as a leader in the global security market. The companies were selected by integrating the physical and cybersecurity sectors based on their annual sales, growth rate, technological capabilities, innovation, and sustainability. These companies received certifications and digital emblems, providing them with continuous exposure through Security News and Security World for the year. This prestigious recognition reflects the ZKTeco's consistent efforts in delivering innovative and high-quality products and services to customers worldwide.


"We are much honoured to receive the Award at the 'Security Award Korea' and be named among the Global SECURITY TOP 100 companies," said Richard Lee, CEO of ZKTeco Korea. "These achievements are a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of security technology and providing solutions that enhance safety and efficiency for our customers."

As a leader in the industry, ZKTeco continues to invest in research and development, enabling the company to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. By leveraging its expertise, ZKTeco aims to further revolutionize the security landscape and address the evolving needs of customers in an increasingly complex security environment.


About ZKTeco

ZKTeco is a globally renowned provider of innovative security and access control solutions. With a comprehensive product portfolio that encompasses biometric access control systems, time attendance solutions, entrance control, and surveillance products, ZKTeco strives to enhance security and improve operational efficiency for businesses across various industries. Backed by cutting-edge technology and a commitment to customer satisfaction, ZKTeco remains dedicated to delivering reliable, user-friendly, and future-proof security solutions.

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