From Underwater Facial Recognition to 360° Metal Detection ZKTeco Brazil Showcases Latest Solutions at Exposec 2023

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As a pioneering solution provider of biometric security, ZKTeco exhibited its latest innovations at Exposec 2023, which has been one of the largest security exhibitions in Latin America. ZKTeco Brazil presented its newest technologies, including underwater facial recognition, 360° metal detection and advanced security techniques.

In the exhibition, ZKTeco Brazil displayed one of its highlights of the innovations – ProFace X Facial Recognition Terminal, which is operable underwater with its IP68 dustproof & waterproof protection level. The terminal's underwater operability was solidly proved ZKTeco's booth on-site as it was placed under water in a tank, which had attracted attention of the visitors. Audience were amazed by the device’s outstanding performance under harsh environmental conditions as, apart from its underwater performance, it is also equipped with IK10 impact protection, 2-megapixel starlight CMOS sensor camera with WDR function, which enables the terminal to recognize faces under extreme lighting conditions (0.5 lux – 50,000 lux), Supplement lighting with adjustable brightness, and 8” touch screen with 400 lux, which offers high visibility under strong and direct light. With ZAM180 firmware that guarantees more speed and assertiveness in processing, ultimately quick speed of facial recognition in 0.3 second, anti-spoofing facial recognition algorithm, and a wide range of work temperature from -30 to 60°C, the device has advanced performance in various applications in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Another advanced innovation displayed by ZKTeco Brazil in the exhibition was MDS100 360º Metal Detector. Unlike the commonly seen metal detection machines, ZKTeco MDS100 metal detector is portable as it is easy to install and light in weight, and offers magnificent performance including a 360º detection radius of up to 1 metre, two detection zones and a high throughput rate of up to 50 persons per minute. It not only detects metallic objects, but also detects mobile phones, smart watches and ferrous contrabands for ultimate security protection. Furthermore, with dustproof & waterproof protection level of IP65, and 28-hour continuous operation with the embedded battery, MDS100 metal detector is enabled as an optimal choice for both indoor and outdoor environment and different kinds of applications. The device displayed in ZKTeco Brazil booth made a surprise for the visitors as it offered a breakthrough of the concept of the conventional metal detection devices. 

ZKTeco also presented its Access Control panel more than 10 face terminals of different sizes and capacities, with options that meet the most diverse projects, such as the launching SpeedFace V3L Lite, compact equipment with capacity for 3 thousand faces and IP65 protection index. 

Apart from ProFace X and MDS100, ZKTeco Brazil also displayed over 10 facial recognition terminals for access control with different sizes and capacities for the largest availability of options for different and diverse project requirements, including SpeedFace V3L Lite with compact size yet large storage capacity of 3,000 face templates and IP65 protection level. ZKTeco’s complete video surveillance line was also presented, with advanced video analytics capable of performing facial detection, facial recognition, people counting, forsaken & removed object, line- crossing alarm, area analysis, and license plate reading.


Apart from hardware, ZKTeco's entire access control solutions can be managed by ZKBio CVSecurity All-in-One Software, which provides a comprehensive web-based security platform, making the most of its extensive experience in the access control industry. ZKTeco integrates video surveillance and intelligent analytics functionalities into the system, creating a comprehensive and complete biometric security management platform to ensure ultimate security. ZKTeco’s MARS Access Control Barrier was also launched in the event, which is the latest and finest creation with 22 pairs infrared sensors greatly enhancing the anti-tailgating performance, and is designed to deliver ultimate user experience, safety level and integration friendliness.

ZKTeco also announced in the exhibition of its newest two complete security lines. The first one is ARMATURA line, which is a regional access control system developed by ARMATURA LLC. aiming for the enterprise market with high number of doors and high security requirements to provide comprehensive hardware, robust architecture and advanced system security encryption. The other is IoT line, which is a complete smart security solution for homes including cameras for both indoor and outdoor use, presence sensors, alarms, video intercom and smart locks etc.


With the exhibition, ZKTeco keeps the doors open for new projects and partnerships that can contribute even more to the Electronic Security market and keeps growing to offer cutting-edge biometric technology for the most diverse scenarios and environments.


By participating in Exposec 2023, ZKTeco expects for the new projects and partnerships to continue the contribution to the electronic security industry, and keep developing and offering cutting edge biometrics technologies for the most diverse applications.

Exposec is organized by Fiera Milano Brasil, in partnership with Abese (Brazilian Association of Security Electronic Systems Companies), Exposec International Security Fair is the only event in Brazil to bring together the latest technologies, products and services for the SECURITY sector, in addition to attracting national and international buyers from the entire production chain in an area of 40,000 square metres providing the right environment for generation of business and networking.

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