ZKTeco's Presence at Security China 2023 (Beijing)

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The 16th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security Products and Technology, Security China 2023, was held from June 7th to June 9th at the Beijing Shougang Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition's theme was "Independent Innovation, Digital Integration, Empowering Security, and Serving Society," and it covered an area of nearly 70,000 square meters, attracting over 500 exhibitors. The event showcased innovative developments and comprehensive applications of digital and intelligent technologies and products in new smart city construction, infrastructure, enterprise digitalisation, and intelligent life.

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ZKTeco, a leading enterprise in the multimodal "computer vision and biometric recognition" field, presented at the event with the theme of "Creating a Better Smart World with Multimodal BioCV." With a complete technical system and global innovation resources, ZKTeco showcased its research and development achievements and dozens of star exhibits in the three core business areas of Smart Entrance, Smart Identity Authentication, and Smart Office, as well as the innovative business field of smart retail. The company demonstrated the comprehensive applications of multimodal BioCV core technology in various scenarios and successful practices in industries such as parks, communities, education, medical care, government affairs, and retail.


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ZKTeco's New Corporate Image

This year's Security China event marked ZKTeco's first large-scale appearance since its listing in 2022, showcasing a new, youthful, technological, and international corporate image. The new image aims to bring the brand closer to users and demonstrates ZKTeco's commitment to innovative development.


ZKTeco's Focus on Smart Retail

In addition to the three traditional main businesses, ZKTeco also emphasized smart retail's new innovative business sector. By integrating the company's and DMMX's technology and business capabilities accumulated over many years, ZKTeco has focused on the "AI+ digital signage" field of the retail and catering industries since the beginning of 2023. It provides a digital infrastructure and smart business cloud services for the front-end carrier, accelerating the transformation of traditional retail into data-driven smart retail and helping global retail customers create greater business value.


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ZKTeco launches BioCV LLM large language model technology

ZKTeco has achieved a new breakthrough by launching a large language model technology based on artificial intelligence called BioCV LLM. With the support of new technologies such as cloud computing and big data, a service-driven growth model is rapidly developing.

As a practitioner and enabler of digitisation and intelligence, ZKTeco has accumulated over ten years of experience in scene practice and continuously innovates and breaks through its multi-modal BioCV core technology. The company has also developed the Minerva IoT Internet of Things cloud platform digital pedestal in collaboration with Amazon. ZKTeco has several innovative laboratories and expert teams worldwide, continuously creating value for customers through technological innovation.


Today, with the significant impact of artificial intelligence technology on social development, large models have become a trend. Several years ago, ZKTeco began researching multi-modal vision large model technology and small model pruning. Its model technology has now entered the development stage of multi-modal large models, including the fusion training and processing of multiple modal signals such as vision, speech, and text. ZKTeco's large language model technology, developed in-house, can generate semantically reliable and natural fluent dialogue and can be widely used in various fields such as finance, e-commerce, and medical care, effectively improving customer service experience and reducing enterprise customer service costs. ZKTeco's BioCV LLM large language model has already demonstrated excellent performance in the collaborative front-end intelligent device human-computer interaction and hybrid cloud services.

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ZKTeco's Non-Contact Biometric Recognition Technologies

At the exhibition, ZKTeco showcased its latest research and development achievements in non-contact biometric recognition technologies such as face recognition, iris recognition, and palm recognition, as well as its innovative results based on deep learning in non-contact fingerprint recognition technology and ultra-short delay supercomputing technology. The company focused on developing multimodal palm recognition technology, presenting a series of product families and solutions that received great attention from the industry.


ZKTeco's Star Products and Innovative Solutions

ZKTeco also presented a range of star products and innovative solutions, including BioCV super-brain edge computing technology, intelligent retail advertising delivery technology, innovative, intelligent retail algorithms, and ZKDIGIMAX Level 3 digital marketing solutions. The company showcased in-glass fingerprints, touchless palm recognition technology, and solutions based on multimodal biometric recognition. They demonstrated the Minerva IoT digital pedestal platform, ZKBio CVSecurity V6600, text recognition technology based on ID card recognition, high-density QR code recognition technology, intelligent national ID recognition terminals, and medical insurance identity verification terminals. Additionally, they showcased new energy vehicle charging piles, unmanned parking solutions, charging and stopping integrated solutions, smart park solutions, and smart campus solutions.


ZKTeco's Future Plans

In the future, ZKTeco will continue to adhere to innovative development and globalisation, unite the advantages of global intelligence, promote the integration and development of industry innovation technology, and work with excellent partners and customers to make the innovation and application of integrated intelligence benefit more people, industries, and cities around the world.


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